ASI finds old college building only with gent’s toilet; confirms Mech engg dept existed during Mughal’s time

04, Jul 2019 By dasu

Aurangabad: All those who are talking Mechanical department has remained exclusive domain of boys in recent times, will be surprised to note the latest findings of Archeological Survey of India.


During an impromptu inspection, ASI team came across an old building on the outskirts of Aurangabad which they claim is an engineering college building belonging to Mechanical department.

Talking to us on this, ASI director Ravi Salunke who found it, said, “Thoda Halka hone ke liye I was looking for a place, then I spotted this building. The kind of place in our country everyone desperately looks for during nature call”.

“On close look, found the place interesting. I saw an old Lathe machine, few amateurishly prepared shoe stands probably done by students during their practical classes in workshop. Immediately I realized this is an old college building and sure this section belonged to Mechanical department, probably it was operational during Mughal’s time”.

“As I am from Mechanical background, I know what are the characteristics to look for before confirming my observation. The important one is toilet. Here I spotted only one Gent’s toilet and on top of it there was no Ravi loves Radha kind of messages as you know mechanical guys never get any friend request from opposite sex. I am proud mechanical department has remained same for more than five centuries, it’s not a small feat”.

After Ravi Salunke’s news flashed on news channels, Ministry of Urban Development has sent a notice to him, for urinating on roadsides on top of it this was a heritage site. “Next toilet was some five kilometers away from the spot. I can’t control for so long. Next time I’ll carry a can along with me when I go outdoor”, said Ravi while replying to the notice.