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I was asked to mediate between Kangana and Hritik too: Donald Trump 

24, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Donald Trump who earlier stated that the heads of both India and Pakistan wanted his mediation in the Kashmir issue, today made another startling claim.


While speaking exclusively to Faking News Trump said, “A few producers from Bollywood met me a few weeks back and sought my mediation in Kangana-Hrithik issue. Honestly I wasn’t too keen on a patch up as Kangana is not my type and Hrithik looks like an immigrant in Super 30. But then Ivanka said that I should because Indians are good people and good people don’t fight.”

Trump claims that he spoke to Kangana to find out why was she irritated so much lately. “When I called Kangana she was with the doctor. She told me that it had been 12 hrs since she had not insulted any celeb, which made her felt feverish and it required medical attention. She also told how the media was targeting her. I said hey, I get targeted all the time by the fake media. I just abuse them on twitter and move on,” he said.

Trump did not reveal if he managed a truce between the two actors, however he did say that though he favors building walls, the wall between the two actors needs to fall.

Hrithik Roshan, who is currently basking in the success of Super 30, denied having any knowledge about Trumps claim and went to the extent of saying that Trump was delusional, just like Kangana. The actor also said that he was capable of taking care of his own problems and would not appreciate any third persons unsolicited mediation.

The news of Trumps mediation in Hritik-Kangana squabble however was well received by the Indian stock markets which were on a downward spiral since the last few days.