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We have asked Santa Claus for higher GDP: Finance Minister

04, Dec 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: With the ever falling GDP growth rate, Government has been under pressure to explain the steps they have taken to revive the economy. Now Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has revealed the detailed plan to counter the slowing growth in the economy in the Parliament. Speaking amidst the din of snores in a sleeping Lok Sabha, she told the barely awake speaker that the government has asked Santa Claus to bring high GDP as the Christmas gift and they have full confidence in him.


Speaking to the Press afterwards, Ms Sitharaman said, “We have always been proactive in tackling economic issues and for this, we had sent a letter to Santa in November, well in advance. We have asked for double digits growth rate, millions of jobs and higher price for farmers’ produce. Ideally he should be bringing in all 3 but even if he just brings 2 out of 3, it will be a success.

Furthermore, she added, “We have been gearing up for the arrival of Santa Claus and our opponents kept spreading rumours that we are sitting idle. We have cleaned every chimney in India to ensure a smooth arrival of Santa, our Air Force is on standby to guide and protect Santa’s sleigh once it enters our airspace. Now it is just a matter of waiting for 25th of December for a jump start to the economy.”

Leading opposition party, Congress, has hit out at the government over time and called it a waste of time. Congress spokesperson Mr. Surjewala said ,”We have been asking Santa for PM Post for Rahul ji for years, and he hasn’t delivered so what guarantee is there that he will deliver higher GDP?”

Meanwhile, the man on the street was wondering if Santa Claus can deliver better politicians for India.