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Asking kids to identify distant relatives the most popular activity at family functions: Survey

07, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A survey conducted by a leading research institute of India, MEW, has revealed that asking kids to identify distant relatives is the most popular way to pass time during any Indian family function. It narrowly edged out bitching about daughter-in-laws and trying to find matches for the single people in the extended family.

Batao hum aapke Mama lagte hain ya Chacha?

Sharing his findings, MEW’s director said , “We conducted a survey across the length and breadth of a farmhouse in Delhi where 10 weddings a day have been happening during this busy wedding season and came up with these results. It has slightly surprised us since we thought finding matches for singles would be the most popular activity but asking kids to identify their Cousin Foofa and Cousin Jeeja is apparently a lot more fun.”

“These people meet each other 5-6 times during their lives and it is usually at weddings and funerals so everyone forgets what the other person looks like in person. It is especially difficult for kids since they can’t recall the person they last met at the age of 3 months. So it becomes a nice game, Guess the relative”, he added.

Meanwhile, this game caused a bit of trouble at a wedding in Rajokri when 4 yrs old Tinku said ‘Papa’ when asked to identify a distant uncle.