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Astrologer says couple won’t have peaceful life after marriage as their Aadhaar numbers do not match

14, Mar 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: There are people who have ignored million reminders to link their Aadhar with bank accounts and mobile sim, still they are lucky as Supreme court gave them another relief from doing it till the honorable court pronounce the final verdict on this matter. 

But when it comes to Aadhaar linking everyone is lucky as the couple Avinash and Sanjana found today. Astrologer B.V. Sharma after linking couple’s Aadhaar numbers warned both the families, couple won’t have a peaceful time after marriage as the numbers do not match.

Ghor annyay ho jayega aagar yeh balak aur yeh balika shaadi kiya toh. Inka Kundali to match karta hai, lekin aadhar totally match nahin karta hai”, said Mr. Sharma who was busy explaining both Avinash and Sanjana what all difficulties they will face in life if they go-ahead in spite of his stern warning.

Though there is no official record available, Avinash and Sanjana are probably the first unfortunate couple in post Aadhaar era whose marriage is getting cancelled due to their unlucky Aadhar digits.

“If Kundali would not matched I could have done something, Ladki agar Mangalik hota toh bhi theek hai. In this case it’s the Aadhaar test which has failed, so how can I help the couple. Have advised both Avinash and Sanjana to re-activate their matrimonial profiles and look for ‘better’ matches,’ said one of Avinash’s uncle.

Both Avinash and Sanjana contacted UIDAI to change at least two digits in their Aadhaar card, but UIDAI refused saying, “Aadhaar number can change only in your next life. In this life this is the only number you will have. But if you want change of address or some other corrections, it can be done”.

Avinash and Sanjana are planning to approach highest court of the country to help them.