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ATM security seen waving 'Cash available!' board as no one was going towards the ATM with no queue in front

25, Dec 2016 By RT

Navi Mumbai: A bizarre incident happened today in front of a private bank’s ATM in Mahape, Navi Mumbai. The usually calm, sleepy and often missing-in-action ATM guard of the bank turned a wild man after getting orders from his head office that he must make people aware that this ATM is working. Cash was put in this ATM 5 days back but nobody has made a withdrawal yet.

Some of them may be working!

“The ATM had no cash for the first 5 weeks and the crowd disappeared from our area to other areas to join the queues. I felt so important during the first few days as so many rich and influential people came to ask me about the cash availability, some even gave me their phone numbers so that I can inform them once the cash carrying van comes. However, it became irritating after a while and I was so glad when everyone firmly gave up on this ATM”, the guard told Faking News.

“5 days back, the cash arrived here. Unfortunately, no one is now believing that there is cash in this machine. I called some people to inform them but they just told me that I must be drunk. Cash van has come twice more during the past 5 days but they had to return disappointed as there was no space to put more notes in the machine. That is when I got a call from HO asking me to do something to get the cash moving from this machine. I decided to do something unique and created this sign board which reads, ‘Cash Available!'”, he further added.

“Even after waving the board, several ATM seekers ignored my signal. Finally, one guy stopped. It turned out he stopped due to mechanical failure of his bike but he read my card right. Immediately, he left the bike and came into the ATM. Seeing one guy to come out from an ATM with cash was enough for the crowd to immediately form a queue in front”, he said with the sigh of relief.

When Faking News reporter got ready to take some cash, the guard smiled and showed him the small board at the ATM door which read ‘NO CASH!’