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ATM working nonstop since 11th November converted into a religious shrine by locals

26, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: An ATM in the Chembur area that has been working nonstop since the 11th of November has been converted in to a religious shrine by local residents as they believe this ATM must have been blessed by God.

ATM machine
Blessed by God

ATMs reopened after a 2 days break post-demonetisation on the 11th of November (Well some of them did). Most ATMs have remained closed since then while many others have frequently run out of cash. Of the few working, majority are the ATMs dispensing only 2000 Rs notes. However, this ATM has not remained closed even for a day since then and had cash available right throughout the demonetization period.

“While our friends and relatives in other parts of the country are struggling with the cash crunch, we haven’t faced any problem thanks to this ATM. Even when the machine ran out of cash, it was immediately filled on priority by the bank employees. There is no logical explanation for this working ATM so we concluded that it is God’s work. We decided to honour God by converting this ATM into a religious shrine”, a local resident told Faking News.

Furthermore he added,”This shrine is not dedicated to any one religion and is open to people from every religion since the machine never discriminated on the basis of religion. Everyone got money here irrespective of his/her religion. People gather here every day just like before, just that in addition to cash withdrawal, they spend some time praying here as well. Prayer time is limited to 10 seconds though, just to keep the queues short.”

When reports last came in, people from all over Mumbai were seen heading towards that ATM to pray and to withdraw some cash.