Monday, 6th April, 2020


Will ask Australia to implement CAA to bring Sri Lankan players in their cricket team: Amit Shah tells Kohli

15, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. There was immense hype and expectation ahead of India vs Australia ODI series, but the hosts were absolutely demolished by Aaron Finch and company in Mumbai in the first ODI. India again faced criticism for experimenting with the number 4 position in the batting order. But Amit Shah has a solution to this problem in coming matches against Australia. Amit Shah has requested the Australian government to implement CAA to give citizenship to Sri Lankan players so that they can be a part of the Australian cricket team and hence India will easily defeat Australia.


The timelines have not been decided as the Australian government is too busy dealing with the bushfires. But Amit Shah is pretty sure that Australia will consider the request seriously. Amit Shah also gave an example of how many Sikhs are helping feed the needy in Australia and how Australia can return the favor by implementing CAA.

The Sri Lankan board has conveyed to the Indian team to not worry about the defeat as they can organize a short series just after the Australian series. Hardik Pandya in his latest social media post revealed that he is not match fit and cannot help the team right now, but as soon as he is done with his vacation and other ceremonies which are part of his engagement, he will return and make the team stronger.