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Auto driver changes his plan after passenger coincidentally asks him to go where he was already headed

13, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. An auto driver from Vile Parle today reinforced the “NO” image his clan has in metros like Mumbai and Delhi by changing his route and destination after a passenger, by chance, asked him to go where the driver was already going.

Sultan, the rickshaw driver who was headed for Chandivali in Andheri (East), for a family gathering, chose to skip the event after a prospective commuter halted his rickshaw and coincidentally asked him to go to the same place.

The commuter who was reportedly waiting for half an hour to get an auto (after being rejected by some 40-45 autos), overheard Sultan telling a paanwala that he was now going straight to Chandivali to attend his sister’s wedding.

A rare moment with Sultan ferrying a commuter without haggling.
A rare moment with Sultan ferrying a commuter without haggling.

Relieved, he approached Sultan and told him that he too was going there, but to his horror, Sultan refused to go there and immediately changed his plan and claimed he was now going to Lokhandwala.

Wahan jaane ka hai toh baith, nahi toh sadd idhar dhoop mein,” were the exact words of Sultan as revealed by the passenger.

Faking News then spoke to Sultan who confirmed the incident and argued that auto drivers of his ilk don’t get “kick” until they refuse to go to the exact destination of passengers.

“When he said ‘Chandivali chaloge’, my heart suddenly began beating faster and I was almost certain that I was now going to miss my sister’s wedding. But I was still hoping that his exact destination doesn’t turn out to be where I was going,” Sultan recalled the events.

“Unfortunately, he turned out to be one of the invitees of the wedding from groom’s side and thus was heading for the same marriage venue. I tried to negotiate with and told him I’ll drop him at Marol and he could take a metro or a bus from there, but to no avail. Left with no other option I had to desert him at Vile Parle and head towards Lokhandwala,” Sultan further disclosed.

“No, as much of it is about my swag, it is also about by imaan. I couldn’t have charged extra or lied and then did what I was going to do,” Sultan retorted when pointed he could have still attended the wedding or he could have charged more than meter.