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Auto driver convinced that traffic behind him halts when he puts out his arm to make a turn

30, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 32 yrs old auto driver from Chembur, Gopal is convinced that the traffic behind him comes to a halt the moment he decides to take a turn. Gopal simply puts out his arm to indicate in which direction he is turning and makes the turn without checking whether there is any other vehicle on the road.

Mumbai auto drivers- With their own traffic rules

While some people claim this type of behavior is a huge hazard on the road, Gopal disagrees.

“I do my duty by indicating in which direction I am turning, rest is up to the other drivers on the road. They must apply brakes immediately and make sure I make the turn without any accident. Even when I am in the left most lane and have to make a right turn, I follow this process and so far, no accidents which means it is working”, Gopal told Faking News.

Gopal has been driving an auto in Mumbai for the past 7 years and apart from minor scratches on his auto, has never been in an accident.

When we asked Gopal whether he knows that there may be people coming at high speed behind him and he should check for that, he replied ,”Sir I have to see in the front na, ab peeche ka bhi hum hi dekhenge kya? People coming from behind also have some responsibility, they should see my arm. Arm is the most important signal on the road. That is why I don’t use indicators, people miss them but they never miss an extended arm. If they can’t see my arm then should they be driving on the road?”

After that, Gopal left in his auto and made a U-Turn after extending his arm as 2 cars crashed into each other while applying brakes to try and avoid hitting his auto.