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Auto drivers complain to RERA demanding the buildings' names to be in Hindi and not Italian

09, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. The Auto drivers associations in the city, collectively sent a written complaint to RERA to strictly apply a regulation for the builders to name the buildings with Indian names and not Italian. The names like Venezia and Casa Bella, confuse the hell out of most of them and sometimes takes as much as one litre of more fuel just to locate the building.

“Why cannot the names be simple Hindi names? What kind of a name is Sophistica? Why does a building’s name need to be sophisticated? What is wrong with a name like Salman or Amir or Shahrukh? Why cannot it be any simple and auto driver friendly? Do you know that courier and pizza companies train their employees with 2 weeks of Italian names to operate in Indian conditions?” the petitioner asked a barrel of questions to our Faking News reporter.

“I like names like Tower 1, Tower 2 and upto Tower 100 if there is such a need. What I don’t like is Casa Bella, Casa Rio, Casa Urbano, Alura, Magnifera, Cristia and Alacarte. The builders do not know the meaning. The residents do not know the meaning. We do not know the names, meaning and sure as hell we cannot find the routes by asking someone. We make Italians feel at home and we feel like aliens around here,” an auto driver with a saffron flag clad auto, slightly turned political with his observations.

“We also want to name our projects with Indian names. We are turning into Greek or Italian names purely for more profits. Urban citizens feel it is fashionable to own a home at Casa Bella and not in Sundar Ghar or Garden. We can easily hike the prices by 25% with an Italian name. Hope RERA will understand our stand on this one,” one of the builders told Faking News.

Faking News reporter left wondering if the website name can be changed to ‘falso notiziario’ to attract more readership.