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Auto with untampered meter found on Bangalore road, auto association bans it till meter is ‘corrected’

12, Apr 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. Somshekhar is a nice man. His obsession of looking at his own handsome face throughout the day in mirror cost him good academic career and ultimately he became an auto driver.

After becoming auto driver, he maintained his pleasing demeanour, which went down well with his overall personality. Neither heavy Bangalore traffic nor misbehaving customers, nothing could affect his coolness. He modeled his life on India’s captain cool. He has put a photograph of Mr Dhoni on top of his auto mirror so that whenever he looks at his own face, he will see his idol.

Som's auto
Som’s auto

Faking news reporter met his childhood friend Sathish who said, “Som is one of the nicest person one will come across. We have seen some days when there would be four college friends who would look to use his auto to go to a Mall, he will hand over his auto key to one of them and come by BMTC bus to collect his auto key from them in front of the Mall. For him rule is rule, he cannot allow four passengers as rule stipulates maximum three.”

Sathish added, “We have seen, he will not allow his girlfriend to sit next to him in the front seat of his auto. We used to joke, Som is such a nice person, he cannot break rules even in his dream.”

The current auto association president Lokesh is exact opposite of Som. As president of auto association, his job is to do random check. He knows the exact cost one has to pay if one goes from point X to point Y.

However he “tests” the readings of the auto meters. If he finds anyone taking close to the exact amount, he scolds them and threatens to cancel their membership. For him, if someone’s meter shows 25% more than the actual fair, he will “meet his expectation”. To “exceed his expectation” the auto driver should be able to collect much more than that.

Lokesh is happy that day by day, count of the auto drivers who could either meet his expectations or exceed his expectations are growing rapidly like Bangalore traffic.

Unfortunately for Som, one day his auto fare came under the scrutiny of Lokesh.

Lokesh could not believe there can be an auto driver like Som. After regaining his composure, he threatened to seize the auto if Som does not ‘correct’ his meter within two days.

As Som was not ready to do all this, he consulted his guru Anna Hazare, who recommended him to sell the auto and become a taxi driver. Anna also recommended him to do his graduation through IIN so that one day he can lead his anti-corruption movement and become chief minister for the betterment of the society.