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Autorickshaw driver gives free ride to IT engineer after seeing his salary slip

08, Jan 2018 By AdityaSachan

It was just another day in office for Mr. Sasta Gulaam in Dinosys. He as usual got to hear ‘sweet’ words from his Boss. Adding to that HR indicated that he may get his usual ‘peanuts’ 1 kg packet for upcoming appraisal. After only spending 12.5 hours in office when Mr. Sasta Gulaam decided to leave for home. He could not find any Autorickshaw or Cab.

After sometime when he managed to find Autorickshaw driver who agreed to drop his home for only Rupees 200 for 5Km distance. The already ‘calmly frustrated’ Mr. Gulaam started arguing for high fare.

After long heated discussion when Autorickshaw driver commented sarcastically for making big money in MNC yet not giving little share of his success.

Mr. Gulaam had enough, and took out his salary slip to show his ‘achievements’ to driver. There was silence. Autorickshaw driver could not say anything.

He turned his Autorickshaw and asked Mr. Gulaam to hop in for free ride.

Later when contacted the driver to find reasons for free ride he commented, “I always thought these well dressed laptop carrying men must would earn millions every year. And this is common belief for our entire fraternity hence we ask for more money. But after I saw Mr. Sasta Gulaam’s salary slip I was shocked. I earn that much in week. Hence felt pity and decided to help him”.

Generous brave heart driver is thinking to start NGO to bring awareness among other Autorickshaw drivers about ‘real’ salaries of IT engineers. He already has started learning about difference in CTC and monthly net salary, laughing and comparing it to Potato chip packet with air and without air.

Mr. Sasta Gulaam had deadline to finish project hence was unavailable for comments.