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Autowala in Mumbai throws off passenger in Arabian Sea after he suddenly realizes he can't go beyond Bandra

21, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In an incident that has shocked the Mumbaikars and reasserted the insensitivity and brashness of the auto drivers in the city, an autowala from Khar threw a passenger in the Arabian Sea after he suddenly remembered the rules which prohibit an auto from crossing over from Bandra to the Island city.

The victim, a man in late 20s reportedly boarded the auto from outside airport and asked the driver to go to Mahim. “I was new to mumbai and did not know much about how the local transport works here. I was told by friends that autos charge as per meter in Mumbai but I wasn’t told that they ply only in suburbs that too where they wish to,” said the man while he was been evacuated from the sea by rescue team.

Police apprehending the culprit.

“Every thing was going rather smoothly. Shocking enough the first auto that i halted agreed to go to my destination. But as soon as we reached Bandra fire station on SV road  there was a sudden change in the body language of the driver. He started perspiring and before I could understand the reason behind it he kicked me out with full force,” the man recalled the events.

The auto driver however has left the makers of legendary film Gunda impressed with his skills and has been offered role of action director in the sequel where once again autorickshaws will play a prominent role.

“I saw a mamu (policeman) and immediately realized that I can’t go beyond Bandra. I didn’t know what to do then. I feared getting fine and my license cancelled. And then in a moment of panic, I kicked the man out of the auto and he fell right into the sea under SV Road,” the auto driver confessed while being led away by Police.

The incident has left people in the city totally enraged.

“These auto walas are menace and on top that the routes where cant go can get confusing for someone who is new the city. Half the places these auto walas dont agree to go and other half they are not allowed to go. Nowadays I ask autowala, Kahan ja rahe ho and change my plan accordingly,” a man from Vikhroli highlighted the problems faced by Mumbaikars on daily basis.

While common man in the city is angry, political parties like MNS and Shiv sena have both refrained from commenting on the issue till they find out the mother tongue of the victim and that of the accused.

But the ruling party Congress feels that hand of Narendra Modi in this incident cannot be ruled out. “Everybody knows Modi is supposed to hold a rally at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) on 22nd December and this incident happened just 2 days before that and only 3 Kms away from the venue. There’s definitely a link,” said Digvijay Singh leaving the media totally confused with the logic.