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To avoid friends & relatives visit, newlywed couple shifts to Whitefield to spend quality time with each other

24, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Newlywed couple, Anup and Sarita after thorough ‘research’ had zeroed down on the Whitefield area in Bengaluru which is known for deterring people from making surprise visit to your house if you stay there.


“What we wanted is to spend quality time with each other. As we have heard from our other friends, the maximum disturbance happens from friends and relatives who have nothing much to do in weekends. They will come home frequently to ask ‘Kya Chal Raha Hai’, as if they don’t know what happens after marriage”, said Anup and Sarita while speaking to us.

“Traffic Jams in this area so good, even cab people hesitates to come here, so who has to come here has to drive on his own. Sarita knows this well too. So, both us started looking for a rented accommodation in this area before marriage. Luckily, we got one in the interiors, to come there even pizza delivery boy openly asks for tips as he has to be on road for more than one hour to reach our place. You can imagine how much difficult this area has made for others, making it a paradise for newlywed couples like us”, said Anup with a smile.

Sarita said, “Sometimes friends call us or ping us through WhatsApp, are you back in Bengaluru after honeymoon? We will say yes and as soon as they will hear our address, they will ask if you are coming towards MG road or Indiranagar side, just let us know. We will meet there, we do not want to disturb you unnecessarily”.

When we asked what about office access, Anup said, “Sarita is in HR. Diwali is just over, till Christmas decoration starts she does not have to go to office. My manager knows where I stay”. My manager would say “Eak to newly married ho, then you have to drive for four hours to reach office. Next three months better you ‘work from home’ only”. When Anup closed the main door, we saw the message that was written on it, “Long live Whitefield, Long live Jams” which truly reflected the love and affection the couple has for this place and the jams.