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Baba Ramdev has new yoga pose for people who are stressed out by SC verdict

07, Sep 2018 By dasu

Haridwar: Baba Ramdev has found a new Yoga pose which will give relief to people who are depressed by Supreme Court’s verdict on article 377.

While talking his devotees in front of his ashram, Baba Ramdev shared the steps how to do it. Sit in lotus position and just rub your palms ten times in anticlockwise and clockwise motion till the temperature in the palms go up by 2 degrees. Then keep it in front of your eyes when you see two same gender persons in front of you trying to do some ‘Ashleel’ stuff.

When a devotee of Baba asked him, what about ears, we can hear the Ashleel stuff done by mentally disorder people, Baba asked him to stuff the ears with Patanjali sound proof cottons which many married couples are using for years.

Baba told, he knew about this Yoga pose when he was doing his research in Himalayas but kept it as a secret as there was no need for it. I am sharing this information as time has come for it. He also assured, this Yoga pose has no side effects.

“For last couple of months, myself, Subramaniam Swamy Ji, Yogi Aditya Nath Ji, even my friends from Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad Ji, we all are practicing it together,” said Baba Ramdev.

A TV news reporter who has camped at the ashram from last night to cover Baba Ramdev’s reaction post the verdict got an earful from his editor.

“You are standing there covering your ear and eyes, here Taimur has landed here in Mumbai after taking his family to Maldives for family vacation. Catch the next flight and come to Mumbai. I want a report on Taimur for tomorrow morning breakfast news with ten exclusive pics minimum,” reprimanded the editor.