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Baba Ramdev proposes yoga as solution to Naxal problem

07, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. Yoga guru and now a politician, Baba Ramdev has proposed yoga as the solution to the prevailing Naxal menace in the country. He has proposed to bring all the Naxal leaders, police officials, bureaucrats, political leaders and free(lance) thinkers under one yoga camp roof and come up with a solution within a couple of days. Baba believes that all the parties desperately need to move their asses shake some limbs.

“Years of inaction (by politicians), indolence (by bureaucrats), armchair activism (by thinkers), and inhaling of stale air (by Naxals) has led us to the current situation. All these guys need to do some physical and mental exercises. Nothing but only yoga can change the status quo.” Baba declared upside down (in shirshasana posture of yoga).

Baba Ramdev showing the right approach to tackle the Naxal problem
Baba Ramdev cocking a snook at others who have been taking a faulty approach to solve the Naxal problem

Baba, who had earlier offered to cure homosexuals with yoga, believes that Naxals too were very homo in nature as they trusted and cooperated only with their own kind. But Baba maintains that it’s not just the Naxals who need the cure.

“I had met Digvijay Singh. He needs to practice some pranayama and some yoga for eyes. It will make him see straight.” Baba said.

“Arundhati Roy also needs to do the same. She has dark circles around her vision.” he added.

Countering the argument of Roy that Naxals didn’t have any other option but to resort to violence in order to make their voices heard, Baba Ramdev asked, “Did Naxals ever exercise the option of yoga?”

While Baba conceded that people in Naxal infested areas were poor, he declined to believe that Naxals too were poor. He claimed that Naxals and amassed huge wealth and vowed to bring this Red Money to the mainstream along with the Black Money in the Swiss Bank.

While he didn’t divulge further details about his political plans and ambitions, Baba used the opportunity to ridicule and reject the power yoga lessons being offered by likes of Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty and claimed that those exercise can’t cure anyone, not even the homosexuals.

“My current priority is to tackle the Naxal problem. Let me have a yoga camp and get these guys there.” Baba offered his solution.