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Babulal Marandi shares his UPI Id with Congress and BJP leaders on Whatsapp 

23, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

With a close fight between INC+ and BJP in Jharkand, it seems like Babulal Marandi would turn out to be the kingmaker in this battle. Though Babulal said that the results were not very encouraging, he was open to aligning with either of the two parties.

Mr. Marandi even shared his UPI Id with both the Congress and the BJP. “I mean it is all about ideology. If their ideology aligns with mine, only then we can go ahead. We have got the peoples mandate and we will continue to work for the common man. But at the end of the day, in politics no party is untouchable. So I have sent them my UPI details which will help me decide later on which party to align with,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

Sources from both Congress and BJP confirmed receiving the ID, but added that a final decision would be taken once the final results are out.

With many speculations around Govt formation, resorts in and around Jharkand were already seen gearing up.

Sanjay Raut had a few words of wisdom for Babulal and cautioned him against blindly trusting the BJP. “Tum itna kyu mukura rahe ho..kya ghum hai kisko chupa rahe ho,” he said while speaking to our reporter and refused to tell us about the context or reference of the famous Jagjit Singh song.