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Bachelor tries to make Gulab Jamun at home, ends up inventing a new sweet dish

11, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Boka Chaturvedi, a 25 years old bachelor working at an MNC has accidentally invented a new sweet dish while trying to create Gulab Jamun.

Elusive beauty, not easy to replicate.

Boka credits the distance of Bangalore from his home town as the main reason behind his success. “It has been 6 months, since I visited my parents last, so obviously no homemade Gulab Jamun in the last 6 months. I was feeling very low, and it’s then I decided to take matter and frying pan in my own hand,” said Boka justifying the famous quote, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’

It took Boka around a week to convince himself that he could do this seemingly daunting task. Finally, one fine Saturday he gathered all arms and ammunition required to make Gulab Jamun, and took some expert advice from his mother and YouTube.

As per Boka’s flatmate, Boka even went to a nearby temple to get Hanuman ji’s blessing. But Hanuman ji is widely recognized and celebrated as a bachelor, so on suggestions of a local priest, he visited Parvati Mata mandir, as she being a caring mother could give more effective blessings.

All was going fine, but everybody was shocked to see the end product. “From appearance, it was nowhere close to a Gulab Jamun. It was stark black, almost reminded me of the coal scam,” claimed Boka’s flatmate who is a Twitter and news addict, “But when we tested it, it was altogether a different sweet dish.”

“It seems something went wrong while Gulab Jamun was in its premature phase of cooking. But as said in Gita, ‘All happens for the Good only’, I ended up inventing a sweet dish,” Boka boasted.

On suggestion of a close friend, Boka has even applied for a patent of the new dish, which he has named – ‘Boka Jamun’.

The new invention has made Boka Chaturvedi an overnight star and reportedly he is even getting invitations from various national and international cookery shows.

People close to Boka say that he wasn’t any child prodigy who was expected to make international news. “Although, Boka was an underperformer in office, I always knew that one day he will become a great person because of his mistakes,” Boka’s boss told Faking News.

Meanwhile, presence of such an aam-inventor in country has attracted AAP’s attention. “He is an aam-inventor with a simple engineering degree and is not a VIP scientist like Einstein and Newton, he deserves to be in AAP,” claimed a party insider.