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Bachelor's fingernails turn into lead after eating Maggi 3 times a day for 4 years

14, Oct 2017 By Akash Vadera

Two years ago, Maggi, one of the most selling products of Nestle, was under the scanner of The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) based on the speculations that it contained excess lead. Its sale was stopped for almost a month after which Nestle was allowed to sell Maggi again. This Maggi ban had affected Bachelors the most. It is rightly said that Maggi is to a bachelor what water is to a fish. However, who would have thought that Rajesh Mishra, an Infosys-employee bachelor residing in Pune, would develop nails of lead after eating Maggi 3 times a day for 4 years.

When we came to know about this story, we followed this Lead and interviewed Rajesh. Here’s what he had to say about his condition “I have been working in Infosys since the last 4 years and as you can see from the mess in my home, I am a bachelor. We bachelors are very simple people. We don’t need much. Maggi, Old Monk and premium membership are our only 3 basic necessities. Since I don’t know cooking and I know to cook only Maggi, I have been eating it for the past 4 years. Let me clear something here: ‘Cooking’ and ‘Cooking Maggi’ are not the same. All those girls who add ‘Cook’ in their bio after learning how to cook Maggi are bigger misleaders than those Telebrand Ab-king Pro shopping ads.” as he points to the Ab-king Pro box kept in a corner while tucking his belly inside. He further adds “So for the past 4 years, I have been eating Maggi. I know that Maggi now doesn’t contain excess Lead, but earlier it did. And I ate all of it” he sobs. “Look at my nails; all 10 of them have turned into Lead”

However, there’s a silver lining to this. He states “Even though this is a very bizarre condition, there is one benefit. I don’t need pen or pencils to write anything. Whenever I want to give my number to a girl, I write with my bare nails. I wonder why any of them haven’t called me yet” as he scratches his forehead with his Lead nails.

Rajesh’s friends and society neighbors have started calling him ‘Mutant’, ‘Wolverine’, etc. due to his condition. In fact, one of the society members, who is also a politician, has threatened him saying “Aamchya Maharashtryat Mutants raahu denaar naahi” (I won’t let Mutants reside in our Maharashtra). Rajesh is undergoing a treatment for his condition and we wish him a speedy recovery.