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Bachelors protest after frequent questioning by societies in Gurgaon

20, Apr 2014 By varunksharma

Gurgaon. Bachelors from the city have gone into a city wide peaceful protest with daaru, beer and triple riding on bikes, against societies for their frequent questioning on their way of living.

Sachin, an ex-tenant in Kendrya Vihar, who and his friends have been expelled from society on wasting water said, “How can we waste water, when we have a bathing gap of minimum 7 days and how can our baai waste water when she washes our 10 sets of clothes in 5 mins and says ‘Saab Ho Gaya‘. We can’t tolerate baseless allegations anymore.”

Another tenant Lokesh, who had to change 6 flats in last 8 months says, “Every society questions my girlfriends coming to my room and that is when I bribe guard Rs. 500 every time and declare every second girlfriend my fiancee.”

Places where bachelors live, work and hangout.
Places where bachelors live, work and hangout.

“Our silence is also questioned sometimes, they say that these guys can’t be silent, they are definitely going to do something nasty, ‘Ye toofaan se pehle ki shaanti hai‘. We are bachelors, what we want, just daaru, chicken, music and thodi bahut doston ke saath masti. When will these society people let us breathe,” asked Akshay, a college goer who lives with his 7 friends in a 2 BHK.

bachelors rights activist Chunni Lal, who is himself a 46 years old bachelor said, ” This is happening in every part of the country. We are demanding for bachelor’s reservation in every society. 5 flats should be reserved for bachelors only in every society with door opening directly outside on street.”

Hemant, who looked 4 pegs down even in full daylight, went a step ahead and said, “Govt should build separate societies for bachelors where doodwala, press wala, safaiwala and everyone else should be bachelor. Daaru ka Theka and a disco bar should be within society. Constitution should be amended.”

When contacted, Deputy Commisioner of Gurgaon said,” We have got a letter of demand from bachelor’s union. They have genuine concerns. We are going to put this in front of ministry and appropriate actions will be taken.”

After DC’s request , bachelors dissolved their Dharna and went back to their work. However most them had already disappeared on their manager’s first call.