Some Bajrang dal activists opt for ‘work from home’ to stop siblings going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day

14, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

The Bajrang Dal in Maharashtra’s Nagpur has threatened that couple, who will be found celebrating Valentine’s day in public will be married off immediately. There are many such incidents reported from the different parts of the country as happens every valentine’s day. But some Bajrang dal members have opted for ‘Work from home’ to stop their siblings going out to celebrate the western festival. 14th Feb is one day when all members of the Bajrang dal work hard to compensate for the lack of work throughout the year.


Faking News got this story from the Ghatkopar region of Mumbai where 3-4 members of the outfit were seen inside their house and dind’t go to any park or couple roaming places. Our reporter Sanil Malik spoke to one of the members and he had this to say,” Charity begins at home, if we are not able to prevent our own family members in celebrating Valentine’s Day then how will people take us seriously. Me and some of my friends came to know that our siblings go out for the celebrations once we are out of the house in the morning of 14th Feb, so we decided that today we will work from home. I sent a mail to my Area manager and he appreciated my initiative. By evening many members will take half day and return to home to address the concern which I raised.”

As the day progresses we see less number of Bajrang dal activists on the road or in park which is a good sign for the couples who want to have a good time out there. But there is a drop reported in the number of couples going out as rumors are that many couples belong to the families of the Bajrang dal and have been prevented from going out.