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After Balochi language, AIR to have people swear continuously for a show in Delhi language

03, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

All India radio which is receiving acclaim for starting a show in the Balochi language as part of a larger reaching out to the people in Baluchistan has decided to take it a notch further and has decided to air a program with multiple people continuously swearing at each other as part of their effort to air a program in Delhi language and reach out to the people of Delhi.

Get ready to hear some profanities on AIR
Get ready to hear some profanities on AIR

This move is coming in the light of massive flooding in Delhi, with many of its residents dissatisfied with the establishment’s response.

We spoke to a senior official in All India radio for more information, who said, “Well while we were receiving aplomb for deciding to air a segment in Balochi language, many of us felt that while it is great to promote it to strengthen our presence in the Balochistan region we should also spend time to promote various indigenous languages, the likes of which is not found anywhere else. Initially we thought about some tribal languages which don’t find much mention in the public discourse but after realizing that it would be too much work and keeping in line with our myopic viewpoint, we decided to promote the language right under our nose.”

“Now Delhi’s language is a unique language with more than 10 explicit words per sentence which turn out to be around 99% of the total words spoken. So us making random Delhi residents come to our studio or going to them while they are stuck in the floods and asking them to express themselves would ensure that the ethos of Delhi is perfectly captured. We would start the show as soon as possible, he added”

AIR has also decided to rope in Virat Kohli as the language’s brand ambassador, who would also double up as as censor and would expunge words which won’t be explicit enough.