Band master started playing Bhajans in baraat after baraatis threw 1000 Rs notes in the air instead of 100s

14, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: People dancing at a baraat in the capital today were in for a surprise when the band that was hired for the wedding started playing bhajans during the baraat. It disrupted the entire flow of the dancers and several people stopped to pray instead of proceeding to the wedding venue.

1000 note
Only to be used at a bank now

Dancing in front of the mare carrying the groom and throwing money around the dancers is an ancient Indian tradition. The money is generally collected by the band members playing the songs at the baraat. With the 1000 Rs note now out of circulation, they were very disappointed to see the less notes and signaled their band master who instantly switched from Honey Singh to Anup Jalota.

“Just like sales people, incentives are the main source of income for us. This money that they throw around the dancers is our incentive, else salary is barely enough to survive in today’s world. We were told that this is the wedding of a very rich guy so we will get the opportunity to collect Lakhs during the baraat, little did we know that we are getting fooled like HR fools sales people”, said Ramesh Kumar, a band member.

“Once the baraat left for the destination, there was no dancing for the first few minutes. However, we were not worried, we were just waiting for the groom’s relatives to get drunk. Sure enough, they got drunk and started dancing in front of the groom. Someone threw some coins around the dancers, even then we were not worried, we just thought this is a warm up for the big notes. However, once they started throwing 1000 Rs notes we knew that we aren’t getting anything out of this baraat. We signaled to our master Ji who immediately switched to bhajans. Basic pay me itna hi milega“, he went on to add.

As per sources, bride’s father was very happy to see the baraat being accompanied by the sound of bhajan-keertan. “Our daughter is going to a very sanskaari house”, he reportedly said.