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Bangalore based IT company introduces "Work-from-Bus" as traffic takes a turn for the worse

02, Nov 2014 By abhishake

Bangalore. A popular tech startup in the IT city has started a trendy way  for employees to work, as most of them often fail to reach office on time.

The Director of the startup in an open letter to his employees has said that he would allow traveling time to be considered as billable time provided they do there job while commuting to work.

Bangalore Traffic
Now, no hurry to reach office.

Our reporter, Rajdeep who happened to be traveling on the same bus as an employee of this startup, identified the employee who promptly wore the id card around his neck in the bus and was typing away on his laptop.

When Rajdeep asked him about his thoughts, he said, “I am very glad our company started this scheme. Now, I leave home in peak hour traffic and as I have a volvo pass, I travel around Bangalore working. It’s better than staring at that freak who sits right across my table, besides AC is a plus point as our office does not even have an AC. I reach office by 1, thanks to traffic, have the  free food  and then leave by 4 after tea. Finally I reach home by 7.”

Another sad employee who had a normal pass said, “It has affected my morale badly as I can not travel and work at the same time. I spend most of my time clinging onto my wallet and mobile.”

A rival Company Director, Manohar Gupta, said that this was all about cost cutting. “Less the time employees spend in office, less is the expenditure on tea, coffee, electricity bill,” he told Faking News.

Mr. Gupta further went on to give us a insight into what  he believed the start-up would do next. He said, “Next it will be ‘Company on Wheels’. Their plan is to get rid of the hefty office rent.”