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Bangalore cab driver who followed all traffic rules, fined by suspicious police

15, May 2015 By szena

Bangalore. Yesterday, it was 10.25 am in a typical Bangalore morning when traffic officials had just had their last sip of filter coffee in the traffic headquarters. Head constable Siddhanga was monitoring the road via the spider cams recently installed by BBMP officials. Somehow he was stuck with one particular cab which started from far end of the city that is Electronics City.

The cab driver was unexpectedly full of patience and was following all the traffic signals very carefully. This being a very rare sight in the city. Siddhanga decided to spend some more time on this interesting driver. By that time two other fellow traffic officials also joined him in this curiosity mission. The cab driver took everybody by surprise when he actually didn’t overtake any of the vehicles on the Hosur road fly over (As per the rule!). While crossing the Silk Board pathway he actually waited for bikers and autos to cross them who honked like anything from behind.

Just doing their job.
Just doing their job.

The cab driver seemed to be more interested in following all the traffic rules which made almost 8-9 people gather behind Siddhanga to watch this absolutely rare scene.

He continued to surprise through Madivala, Sharjapur road till Sony Signal. Till then two fellow constables had already placed a bet that he would break this jinx at Sony Signal which holds the record of highest waiting time through out the year. “Oh my God, what he did!!” exclaimed one of the persons who lost the bet when the driver very carefully stopped his car in accordance to the traffic signal and waited 19 minutes till his turn came.

Another constable was in almost moist eyes as having spent 22 years in this service, he had never ever witnessed such disciplined cab driver. When traffic inspector Gangamurthy saw this gathering and inquired about the truth, he almost fainted as this was first of a kind incident, for his vast experience too. Suddenly he recollected his sense and decided to explore the truth behind this mystery. He called the Domluru check post and asked them to detain this driver till he reaches the spot.

When Gangamurthy reached the spot where cab driver was stopped by traffic officials, he saw one young man in his early twenties was standing with full of sweat and shiver. He went to him and with a voice full of respect asked, “How could you manage to drive like this for last 1.5 hours?” The reply of the driver was out of the blue when he said “Sir, sorry sir. I was actually doing the duty of my brother who is sick today. I know sir I don’t have a driving license, please sir forgive me sir.”

Gangamurthy was now confused about what to do next but the next thing he did was call his colleagues in head office and ask the officials in the local check post to impose a fine of 1400 on this poor chap.