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Bangalore city administration vows to retain the traffic jam legacy in the year 2018 amid new threats from Mumbai

07, Jan 2018 By RT

Bangalore. The city administration vows to retain the traffic jam legacy in the year 2018, amid new threats from Mumbai. Maintaining the legacy to continue in the year 2018 and beyond is one of the new year resolutions of the city council, it is learnt by Faking News.


In the last few years, about 200 funny articles have been written about the city traffic. The silk board junction has been featured in as many as 150 articles. Meme creators have recruited for a full-time jobs covering the traffic. About a few thousand complaints have been sent to the city administration and the government. A few real life incidents have happened when a resident sent pictures of the traffic to his parents in Hosur as an excuse for not going home for Diwali.

Taking full advantage, Tesla has introduced a new model car with lowest fuel consumption while standing still at traffic. Thousands have booked from Bangalore. But, what has bothered the garden city administration was that a lot of people have booked the car from Mumbai as well. That’s when they have realised the clear and present danger from the commercial capital of India.

Bangalore has unmatched legacy when it comes to traffic jams. Immobile car maintenance shops have opened, car dental clinics have started and so many such novel ideas have been made in to business houses right in the middle of traffic jams. Silk board junction has influenced research articles from all types of commuters and literally from all walks of life. Now Mumbai is emerging as a tough competition for the legacy of traffic jams.

To thwart Mumbai from the competition, the city of Bengaluru gets a new ‘Be U’ tag line, and adds internationally acclaimed city traffic to say ‘Stay here’.