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Bangalore man leaves for New Year’s party today to reach venue on time

28, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore: Balakrishnan, a techie working in the city who missed his previous two New Year parties after being stuck in traffic jams, is not taking any chance this year.

Want to attend New Year's party on time in Bangalore? Leave Now !
Want to attend New Year’s party on time in Bangalore? Leave Now !

Apparently, Bala (as known to his friends) has already left his house 3 days in advance to attend New Year’s party just so that Bangalore’s traffic doesn’t jeopardize his plans of enjoying the party.

Speaking to Faking News while on his way to the venue, Bala said, “I know that New Year is still 3 days away. The party venue is just 3 kms from the place where is stay but given the traffic problem, its better that I leave now. Hopefully I can just make it to the party on 31st which I don’t want to miss at any cost.”

When asked about what was so special about the party he said, “It is Bollywood Nite and Sunny Leone will be ‘performing live’. I have paid 5000 bucks for the ticket and can’t afford to miss it at any cost.”

Not to be overwhelmed by the endless traffic, Bala is determined to drive non-stop, even sacrificing his sleep to reach his destination. “I have worked for 5 years in the IT industry. Sleepless nights are nothing new to me. I have worked for 48 hours non-stop writing codes and surviving on just tea and cigarettes,” he said with pride visible on his face.

City’s traffic department has taken cognizance of people like Bala who usher in the New Year stuck in jams and is proactively try to ease their inconvenience. “This New Year the traffic cops in Bangalore will not just manage traffic but also pitch in as Dj’s so that people stuck in traffic can also groove to the music. We have erected special platforms for our cops at crucial traffic junctions so that they can entertain the crowd and manage traffic flow at the same time,” said the Bangalore traffic police chief Jagganathan Doddamani, who will also be spinning the disc this new year as DJ Jaggi-D.

Bala’s story struck a chord with other Bangalorean’s too. “It makes sense if you ask me. Why ruin the New Year when you know beforehand the traffic condition in the city,” said a Velu, a media professional as he turned off his engine to have a cup of tea, knowing that the traffic would take an hour to move an inch.