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Bangalore metro user disturbs his wife's TV viewing experience by reaching home early, wife threatens to go to her parent’s place

15, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru based techie Sridhar Itagi is having a terrible time after he started using metro. “Initially when I switched from BMTC to Metro, within a week I had to undergo hospitalization as my body could not take so much of fresh air. After few months of regular usage my body clock somehow got aligned with metro clock, however I am facing another crisis at home. My wife, Savita, feels by reaching home early courtesy Bengaluru Namma metro, I have encroached on her privacy. She has given me a week, either throw your metro monthly pass, otherwise she would go back to her parent’s place,” said Sridhar with a sad note.

Bengaluru Metro train

Sridhar added, “I am married to Savita for last eight years. As she came from a small town, initially it was tough for her to adjust to Bengaluru life style. Sometimes she would doubt on me for consistently coming late. To clear her doubts, I had to take her around and show the city’s major landmarks like Silkboard & Kundanahalli gate jams. After that there was no problem in our relationship. She kept herself busy in front of 40-inch idiot box, I for a change spent my countless hours in 40 seater BMTC buses.”

“Everything was going fine till I did the cardinal mistake of using metro. It’s not only about interfering with her TV viewing experience. Thanks to Bangalore traffic when I commuted by road, nothing will be left in my body by the time I reach home. Somehow I would lift myself to gulp three chapathis before falling flat on bed. After Metro, I would have lot of energy left which I would unnecessarily use to argue with her,” said Sridhar

“It was getting highly discomforting for both of us. Basically we did not know what to do & how to manage these evening hours. I was looking for some counselling,” confessed Sridhar.

“Now after the ultimatum from wife, I am correcting my mistakes. I have assured Savita, don’t leave me, within a week I will make everything right. In fact, I have started searching for jobs available in IT parks of Whitefield area. I know for sure, once I have a job there, just to go & touch the office gate and come back home, it would be midnight,” said Sridhar.