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Bangalore Radio jockey in a soup, does not know what to say on air as no one calls her to talk about traffic woes

10, Sep 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: RJ Nisha Oberoi faced an unusual situation the other day. “Can you believe it, no one called me today to talk about traffic woes. How on earth this is possible in a city like Bengaluru where the first thing people ask how long it takes, not how far is the place,” said Nisha.

Smiling on-air is the best you can do when no one calls to report traffic woes
Smiling on-air is the best you can do when no one calls to report traffic woes

Nisha said, “I am on air from 7 AM to 11 AM, the prime traffic hours when most of the Bangalorean’s would be rushing towards schools to drop their kids or they will be on their way to offices. Just to make it clear, it was a normal working day. As far as I knew there was no bandh called by any organization. Schools, colleges, offices, business establishments everything was open. If someone says on this kind of day, there was no traffic jam in Bangalore. I will simply say, Are you kidding?”

Nisha added, “As per the guide lines given by my producer to me, I cannot play more than two songs per hour during my show and rest of the time has to be filled judiciously through advertisements and my interactive session with public on traffic woes.  My guess was, may be day has started well for many and as we move on, traffic will pick up, some BMTC vehicles will break down somewhere, I will surely get some calls.”

“In spite of sending the WhatsApp number every five minutes, did not get a single call on traffic woes. Couple of frustrated techies texted me to say they want to scold their managers on air for giving them poor appraisal grades, some wanted to talk about their link ups and breakups. But these things are not allowed in my show which is exclusively for traffic updates and advertisements. If they want to talk about it, they need to call our late night show called dil ki baat,” said Nisha.

“At the end of my show, do not want to feel null and void like I felt today. If people are not ready to speak up, we will do it on their behalf. We will send all our interns to major traffic jams so that they cover it live for us,” Nisha said with confidence.