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Stuck in Bengaluru traffic en route to LKG admission, parents end up admitting in UKG

23, Jul 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru based couple Prakash and Rohini Agarwal always wanted to admit their son to the best school in the city. After searching for years, they found one and unlike most didn’t care much about the distance the school is from their residence.

The infamous Bengaluru traffic
The infamous Bengaluru traffic

Prakash said, “Unlike my time, the schools nowadays put lot of emphasis on making sure their students look smart. I and my wife had to go through a month of preparation to ensure everything was perfect for day one. Schools also did it’s bit by sending us repeated reminders about recommended hair length, pant length to what size and color of napkin is allowed inside lunch bag.”

Prakash added, “I have worked with Infosys in the past. There to look like a professional they checked only one item, whether you wear tie or not. Here the school wants us to follow a hundred points checklist before the gate is opened for you.”

Recounting the experience of his son’s first day to school, Prakash said, “Me & my son was ready to cross all the hurdles and be on time. As soon as I was on road, realized I have misjudged Bengaluru traffic big time. It was morning 7 o’clock, shocked to see most of the signals have jams lasting few kilometers. It was my sheer inexperience in this school hour as one gentleman who was next to me at the signal pointed out. He told me, when schools open, the Bengaluru traffic becomes 4x and traffic situation in nearby hill stations like ooty and kodaikanal become 0.1x.”

“I cannot say exactly how many days it took for us to reach school. What I can recollect, in addition to my belly size, I was seeing my son is growing and his pants becoming shorter. He was peacefully enjoying his time with plenty of lays packets, coke bottles his mother had stuffed on the back seat. To compound our problem city received its first bout of monsoon shower during that time. Now nobody needs to tell me anything. Have enough experience in the city to know when it rains, what happens. Only savior is the large hearted autowallahs who manage traffic and other wise I am not sure I would have reached school at all. As a commuter you just need to believe someday some time you will reach your destination,” added Prakash.

“Completely exhausted and after having a beard length like that of Ramdev baba, I went inside school. The school principal after listening to my experience was confident my son would have learnt all alphabets and numbers zero to nine by looking at the vehicle number plates. She told no need of Lower KG, directed me to fill a new form and upgraded my son to Upper KG. Probably that’s the only positive I can took from the trip as it saved me a full year of school fees,” said Prakash.