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Bangalorean, who reached office in 30 minutes, claims his car is time machine

21, Mar 2016 By channel420

Benguluru: Doctors in NIMHANS Bangalore are dealing with strange psychiatric case now days. According to them a Software Engineer Rajesh (name changed on request) reached office in 30 minutes, now claiming his car is a time machine.

Only a time machine will help you reach on time in Bangalore traffic
Only a time machine will help you reach on time in Bangalore traffic

Full case goes like this, Rajesh left for office which is located 10 km from home, on Wednesday morning thinking of reaching office as usual in 1:30 hours but to his surprise he reached in just 30 minutes.

As reaching office that fast in Bangalore can happen only in dreams or by time travelling, he came to conclusion that his car is a time machine because he was not dreaming for sure as he saw couple of bikers going to other side of road by removing the divider stones and creating a temporary passage, a usual sight in Bangalore.

But doctors has completely discarded his claim and concluded that because of this shock his brain started assuming things that don’t exist.

“We accept the fact that there was no cricket match, neither a festival nor any election result that day but still reaching office in 30 minutes means he was carrying his bad luck with him so he had to spent one hour extra in office,” a doctor said on the condition of anonymity.

Further asking about the treatment given he said, “As this is first case of its kind we are not leaving any stone unturned. First procedure was I used his car next day to come to hospital and he realized that I took 2 hours to reach hospital which resulted in significant improvement in his condition. We even showed him couple of dents in his car, the trademark of Bangalore, which helped him to understand that his car is just a normal car not a time machine. He further added Rajesh will be completely all right by Monday evening when he faces the same traffic situation and reach office in 1:30 hours or more.”

Meanwhile a joint survey published a study which explains that on Wednesday 50% of IT employees were ‘working for home’ sorry ‘working from home’ which resulted in reduced traffic.