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Bengaluru traffic moving faster than ATM queues, NASA confirms in its report

18, Nov 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. Signaling the beginning of ‘Ache Din’, Bangaloreans have got a reason to smile that has made their slow moving traffic problem look smaller.


The old-age traffic problem of the city that shadows all other minor issues in day-to-day life of its residents, got eclipsed for the very first time since independence when NASA, in its research, claimed that they have spotted something which is moving at a slower speed than the much popular Bangalore traffic.

The queue outside the ATM of Lena Bank was moving at a snail’s pace in comparison to movement of cars and buses between Marathalli bridge and Whitefield. This anomaly raised alarming signals in the headquarters of NASA, where the researchers were shocked to believe that there exist another thing in the world which has the tendency to move slower than Bangalore traffic.

A Senior Researcher of the department, who is also responsible for releasing pictures of India during Diwali season, said, “We have been observing Bangalore very closely. It’s the only place in the universe where traffic remains stationary for hours. It has been 70 years since we are monitoring it. But today we have seen something different. We spotted a long queue that gave the traffic a tough competition by moving at a comparatively lesser speed. Proof of the same for few political leaders in India would be released soon.”

Prakash Padam, a resident of Bangalore, confirmed the report to be true and said, “I dropped my wife 4 hours ago when she joined the queue. When I came back to pick her, I was surprised to see that she had moved just 100 meters in those 4 hours. Even traffic in our city doesn’t move this slow. This is unbelievable. Ache din aa gaye“.

As soon as the news was out, JNU students started protesting that only they had the right to be declared as a ‘slow moving object’ and not the common junta standing in queues. For this, they have written a petition to the Supreme Court to increase the term of their courses by 5 more years so that their progress remains slower than anything in the country.

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