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Bank announces Rs.50 cashback on Rs.150 charges to encourage visits from customers

13, May 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A bank in the  city, has announced Rs.50 cashback on Rs.150 charges after 4 bank visits. The cashback is declared to encourage regular visits from customers, a top bank official told Faking News.

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“A cashback is something that has been introduced by several e-wallets and the Indian consumers are totally used to it. Now, the banks are forced to follow suit. Not long ago, there were long queues in front of ATMs. Now, we have to announce a cashback to attract customers to ATMs or bank counters,” the bank official told Faking News.

“Our ATMs used to be a cost center. Now, charging Rs. 150 with fifth transaction onwards, our ATMs are running as profit centers. Our bank counters are even better. In fact, we have approved an international loan of Rs.100 crores to Dr. Mallya purely based on rs.150 collections alone,” the bank official further added.

“Already the people used to call as petty thieves. Now, with taking Rs.150 with every fifth visit onwards, they are calling as bank robbers. Bank robbery has a whole new meaning starting with April first, this year. We are the bankers and the bank robbers as well. Just that we will be known for robbing the customers,” the bank official concluded, not so cheerfully, to Faking News.

Learning the huge success of cashback announcement, a few other banks have announced promotional codes and gift vouchers and coupons. A recently licensed bank has announced one free visit for every 10 visits.