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With banks serving only senior citizens today, JNU/FTII faculty sends students to withdraw cash

19, Nov 2016 By manithan

New Delhi: Ever since the announcement of Demonetization on November 8, there has always been a crowd outside banks and ATMs across India. To reduce the crowd, the government introduced various measures, like applying indelible ink on people exchanging money. On top of this, there has been an announcement that banks will serve only senior citizens today.

Empty campus today as students rushed to the banks

Following the announcement, the faculty at institutes like JNU and FTII immediately tracked down the veteran students and asked them to get money exchanged on their behalf.

With the help of sources, we tracked down a few such students standing outside the local SBI branch. Lakshman Shukla, a postgraduate student, said, “For the past ten days, we were spending cash very judiciously as the long queues kept us away from the banks. We were just about to start a protest against this draconian fascist move by Modi, when our professor came and informed us about banks serving only senior citizens this Saturday. They asked us to get their currency notes exchanged and in return they will give us 100% attendance, it is a win-win situation here.”

While the whole of JNU could be spotted in several banks across Delhi today, Pune banks also had its surprise visits from FTII students. They were going around banks with a camera and utilizing this opportunity to shoot some scenes for their final year project.

Shashank Kashyap, a final year student of FTII, is directing his final project inside a bank, where he has come to deposit his old 500 and 1000 Rupees. He said, “We were protesting against something when our HOD came up and announced that he is going to bank to withdraw money, as only senior citizens would be allowed today. I never came down to the bank because I had developed arthritis and cannot stand for a long time. Thanks to banks association, we have been given an exclusive treatment today and the crowd is far less. I can deposit my money in the account easily today and can also get some extension on the deadline for my final project by exchanging HOD’s currency notes.”

Meanwhile, banks in Delhi and Pune are thinking about adding ‘Strictly no students’ for the next time they keep a seniors only day.