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If you are banning the burkha, then ban Iron Man and Spiderman from wearing their masks too: Javed Akhtar

03, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Lyricist and film writer Javed Akhtar said that he was fine with the law that seeks to ban the burkha. But he wanted a similar ban on superheroes who wear masks.


Earlier Javed Akhtar pointed the similarity between the burkha and the ghoonghat and said that there should be a ban on both as they were regressive practices. Now the bollywood veteran has trained his guns at Marvel superheroes.

Speaking to Faking News he said, “Why should the law target just one community. Ban the burkha, but extend the ban to ghunghat as well. And if you are really serious about it, then also ban Iron Man and and Spiderman from wearing masks. I don’t care if it offends fans of the cinematic universe, but to maintain the faith that people have in the law this should be done.”

Indian fans of the superheroes were not very happy with Mr, Akhtar dragging the cinematic universe characters in his rant. “The burkha ban was suggested from a security view point. How can Iron Man and Spiderman be a threat to security, when they actually are fighting to save humanity. And if Mr. Akhtar has seen Endgame, he wouldn’t make such foolish statement,” remarked a fan, hinting at Iron Man’s sacrifice.

Though fans weren’t paying too much need to Javed Akhtar’s comment, filmmakers at Marvel headquarters are seriously considering the option of having their superheroes sans their masks.

Sources say that India is a big market for Marvel and controversy surrounding their characters won’t be good for their business. Top bosses from Marvel are planning to fly down to Indian next week to have a discussion with Javed Akhtar and find a middle ground.

“We are open to our characters without masks. But why is Mr. Akhtar not saying anything about DC characters. Even Batman should stop wearing that burkha or whatever that outfit of his is,” commented a Marvel spokesperson.