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After banning Cab Sharing, Karnataka government set to ban ‘Sutta Sharing’

09, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Bengaluru: After banning Cab Sharing platforms like Ola Share and Uber Pool, Karnataka Government is now mulling the proposal to ban the sharing of Cigarette among youths.


Like cab sharing, Sutta sharing was also among the essentials of the cash-starved techies in Bangalore during the nadirs of their month ends and in the middle of the night.

When we contacted the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy for the reason for these decisions, he said, “As you know the pollution levels of the city are somehow not matching Delhi and we are losing a lot of limelight because of that. So these are just few of the many decisions that we are mulling to compete with Delhi.”

He further said, “Like Cab Sharing which reduce the carbon footprint to a very low, sutta sharing ensures that only 1 sutta is lit instead of 3, or even 4, so less lungs are harmed, less second hand smoke is transferred, and ultimately less pollution.”

“How can we just miss out the limelight to Delhi just because of these impediments, we will ensure that by next year we are also in the World News,” he added.

When asked on how they came across the idea to implement these bans, he said that residual forces which may be doing some non-important works like women safety will be transferred to do this job and women can fend for themselves. We will also compete Delhi on those standards then, he murmured.

Meanwhile, the techie youths of the city are planning a mass protest on MG Road, in which 1 cigarette will be shared by 500 people defying the ban. They said they can tolerate the banning of cab sharing, though the government is not providing sufficient public transport for the city with rusty buses and just a piece of metro. They iterated the slogan “Sutta Sharing is our birthright and we shall have it”.

They also said, if they are serious to beat Delhi on hogging limelight, they should make somebody like Kejriwal, the chief minister of Karnataka.