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Banning shared cabs in Bengaluru to protect our beloved traffic jams: Karnataka CM

27, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Cab sharing services like UberPool and Ola share will be illegal in Karnataka from next week. As many affected passengers were left wondering about the reason behind this step, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has come out with a clarification behind the move. He has said that since shared cabs were reducing congestion on the road, Bengaluru’s world famous traffic jams were starting to suffer and the government has taken this step to preserve the traffic jams for the next generation.

World famous Bengaluru traffic jam

“Yes shared cabs are cheaper and convenient for people and they do help in reducing the traffic congestion but should we be selfish and start thinking about only us? If everyone starts using shared cabs instead of traveling via their own personal cab then what will happen to our traffic jams? What legacy will we leave behind for our future generations? Today we proudly tell everyone that our traffic jams are the best in the world but will our children be able to say that?” Questioned CM Siddaramaiah.

Further, he added ,”From our end, we are doing the best that we can to preserve these traffic jams. Our focus remains development of infrastructure but not at the cost of traffic jams. The government can’t do it on its own though so we need help and support from general public as well. They must support us in this step to ban shared cabs and should start booking their personal cabs. That will ensure that there is no reduction of the number of cars on the road and our traffic jams keep prospering.”

As per sources, government is also planning to ban pillion riding on two wheelers as well so that more and more two wheelers can also join the traffic jams