Barber silently cuts hair without pointing out that customer is losing hair or is greying or has dandruff, gets honored by local community

18, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

A barber in Lucknow was honored by local community people for doing his job without being too pushy with his services. Bittu Singh, who works as a barber in at City Mens hair cutting saloon in the heart of the city, was pleasantly surprised when locals gathered around his shop handed him a bouquet with a cheque of 50,000 Rs.

While speaking on Bittu’s achievements, the local Corporator said, “Hair cutting is an art. Unfortunately most barbers have turned business men. All they do is make you feel bad about your looks so that they can push their services.”

“But here’s a man who does about silently doing his duty. It’s not often that you find such dedicated souls. So we have decided to honor him,” he added.

Regular customers recollect the nightmares at other saloons and state how they found an angel in Bittu. “My earlier experience with a different saloon left me petrified. I had gone there to get my beard trimmed. But the guy convinced me that I was balding and I need a head massage. After that he pointed out how my skin was looking dull and forced me to get a facial. While I dozed off during the facial, he dyed my hair without even asking. The final bill came up to 5000 Rs,” said Usman Miyan, a local shop owner.

Sources say that the ‘barber menace’ is a big issue. During the previous elections, the political party which promised to reign in the errant barbers if voted to power found favor with the people and actually won with a huge margin.

Bittu’s achievement has found a mention in newspapers too, much to the chagrin of other saloons who are now looking at falling business.

“Some people call it extortion. But we have no choice. We too have to make money. If the authorities take action against our fleecing methods then I am afraid we’d have to move to some other professions like education or airlines where fleecing still has some respect,” said a saloon owner who requested anonymity.