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Bartender hired by Petrol Station to meet demand for 30 ml and 60 ml petrol by consumers

01, Oct 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A petrol station in Chembur has replaced all its regular staff with bartenders from nearby bars. This has been done after several consumers came asking for really small amount of petrol from the pump operators. With demand dropping to 30 ml and 60 ml, the owner decided that bartenders will be better suited to meet this demand thanks to their expertise in measuring those amounts.

Speaking to Faking News outside his petrol pump, the owner Mr. Telaram said, “With petrol prices crossing 91, people could no longer afford to buy petrol in bulk so they started asking for smaller and smaller amounts. Now the situation is such that they are asking for petrol in millilitres and our machine is not equipped to measure amounts that small. We asked our employees to measure 30-60 ml by hand and give but they always ended up giving more petrol than what the consumer asked for. This was causing a lot of loss for me and I had to find people who can measure millilitres perfectly.”

“Upset with the losses, I went to a bar nearby and that is when this great idea struck me. I saw the bartender pouring exactly 60 ml without even measuring it and I knew he is the solution to all my problems. I immediately got a few more bartenders on board, paid them more than what they were getting, and now I can meet the exact demand of the consumers,” he went on to add.

When we asked if everyone is asking for these small measures of 30 and 60 ml, Telaram ji said ,”Oh no, not everyone is asking for 30 or 60 ml, there are still some daredevils who ask for Patiala Peg of 90 ml.”

Meanwhile, after hearing this news, the government has decided to levy additional tax on petrol to get it to the same level as alcohol. “Any place employing bartenders has to pay the same amount of tax”, a government official said.