Wednesday, 19th February, 2020


BCCI refutes allegations that Anushka Sharma's hair dryer was use to dry the pitch during India-SriLanka T20 match in Guwahati  

06, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

BCCI found itself in firefighting mode after being slammed by fans over shoddy ground arrangement. After images of ‘hair dryer being used on wet pitch’ went viral, there were reports that Anushka Sharma’s hair dryer was used to dry the pitch.


The image which went viral on social media showed groundsmen trying their best to get rid of the wetness in the pitch with a pink hair dryer. Many questioned the use of a hair dryer, when the richest cricketing body could have easily managed the situation with better equipments.

BCCI on an earlier occasion as well found itself in the dock after it was reported in the media that senior officials from the management were seen serving tea to the actress, which she refuted.

“These reports are totally baseless. We request the fans and media to not fall for such drivel,” responded a top BCCI official while responding to our questions.

Insiders however had a different version. A source from the team management spoke to our reporter and said, “In fact it was her idea to use the hair dry to remove moisture from the pitch. The actress had also given her towel to ‘pat dry the pitch’. She was very concerned and wanted the match to start asap.”

Responding to the news a livid Virat Kohli said that it was unfair to drag him and Anushka’s name in every baseless rumor. He even urged the BCCI to issue a clarification on the hair dryer.