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BCCI requests Sunny Deol to be present at the venue of the India Pakistan match for moral support

04, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Indian cricket management on Saturday made an announcement that shook whole South east Asia. Dilp Sinha, BCCI’s Chief in charge said that management will rope in Sunny Deol as their 12th man to boost morale of the Indian team ahead of biggest clash of the world, India vs. Pakistan in champions’ trophy on Sunday.

28sunny-deol5Pakistan was really happy when they learnt that Sunny is coming to watch the match but their happiness didn’t last long when they got to know that it was Sunny Deol and not Sunny Leone. According to our sources, Pakistan is really terrified by this announcement. PCB chairman Sarfaraz Bhatkal spoke to FN & said “India is using him to have an unfair advantage over us as he really threatens us from the day of Border & Gadar”.Even Pakistan PM Nawaz Shareef is threatening India to take them to ICJ where ICJ has said they too are waiting to see the match and are not free to enough to see into this matter. Sunny Deol is scheduled to do some Commentary also which is why they have removed Mic & earphones as when Sunny Paaji speaks his voice could be heard from London to Delhi & Islamabad.Whatever happens we are in for a treat. Let’s see how Sunny factor plays at the mind of Pakistani players.