Bear Grylls keen on shooting with BJP campaigners, says their speeches more 'wild' than animals seen in jungles  

31, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

After shooting with PM Modi and Superstar Rajnikanth, Bear Grylls has expressed keen interest in making an episode with star campaigners of BJP. Sources say that Bear was keenly following Delhi elections and was left impressed with some of the speeches made by BJP leaders that called for shooting anti-nationals like dogs.

The decision to go ahead with the episode was taken after Anurag Thakur’s speech. “That speech sealed the deal. We are in talks with campaigners and things should start rolling out from next week,” revealed a source close to the development.

Speaking to Faking News, Bear Grylls in an excited tone confirmed the news and said that he was eager to start shooting the episode.

“Being in the wild is my passion. I thought wild life can only be found in the jungles. But is was so wrong. The other day I was listening to speech of some of the star campaigners of BJP. And it seriously gave me a feeling of being in the jungle. And I realized that there is a jungle outside the jungle, which I was not aware of till now,” he said.

According to sources from the channel, Bear Grylls will be joining BJP leaders on their campaign trail and will try to share his experience with the wildlife that exists outside.

There was no confirmation from any of the BJP leader of being part of the show. A spokesperson however said that few leaders were keen to have Bear Grylls alongside while campaigning. Some were even seen practicing their wild inflammatory speeches so as to get his line right during the actual shooting.