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Bed bugs protest the use of insect repellents on Air India flights, say 'we enjoy frequent flyer status'

26, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

A group of bed bugs from the economy class of Air India flight have come out in protest against the national carrier’s move to use insect repellents in their flights. The group says that they enjoy frequent flyer status and Air India’s attempts to drive them out of the aircraft is disservice to loyal customers.


One bed bug who claims to have circumnavigated the globe on Air India’s flight spoke to Faking News and said, “I have almost clocked 5000 miles on this carrier and can safely call this my home. If they try to get rid of us it will set a wrong precedent.”

The decision to use repellents was taken after passengers complained of bugs in business class of AI flight on international route. Videos of bug bites were widely shared by passengers on social media forcing the airline to come up with a response.

While issuing a clarification Air India said that it had taken cognizance and is investigating as to how economy class bed bugs ended up in business class. But this has done nothing to placate the protesting bugs.

The group now plans to meet the Civil Aviation Minister to put forth their concerns. Sources say that the Aviation Ministry too is keen on a speedy resolution and will look into the concerns of the bugs.

“We are working on a rehabilitation plan for the bugs. For the moment they will be moved to a transit camp inside a defunct Kingfisher Airlines aircraft till the matter is resolved,” said a highly placed official from DGCA.