Beer out of stock in most wine shops due to heavy demand, Govt requests Ravi Shastri for help to normalize supply

07, May 2020 By yogy

Alcohol bottles and beer crates are flying off the shelves at wine shop across the country. As people jostle around in serpentine queues for their favorite spirit, shops are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand.


Sources say that alcohol stock in almost all the shops is nearing zero and in a few days there could be a total unavailability of alcohol anywhere in the country.

With alcohol sales contributing significantly to the economy through taxes, Govt does ot want to take any chances and has apparently sent an SOS to Ravi Shastri.

A highly placed Govt official revealed that the Team India coach has been asked if he’d help to normalize alcohol supply.

Shastri may have to dip into his reserves to re-stock wine shops and help the nation in desperate need of alcohol.

“We have sent an informal requested to Mr. Shastri and we have no doubt that he’d help. Special trains have been arranged to take care of the logistics. For him it would just be a drop in the ocean, but it’s impact on the economy is going to be profound,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Team India Coach denied having  knowledge of any such request by the Govt. He was also not too pleased  with his name being dragged every time there is a mention of alcohol.

While speaking to a sports website he said, “I enjoy my drinks and have no shame in admitting it. But there are some sites like Faking News that so religiously drag me in every alcohol related article. It is my earnest request that such fake news not be peddled. I am out of beer myself, how am I supposed to help. Mere paas koi beer ki factory nahi hai jo supply normalize karoonga.