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Believers go on rampage as researchers declare G-spot mythical

05, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Hundreds of men and women believing in the existence of Gräfenberg Spot, an erogenous zone in the vaginal area of women better known as the G-spot, have been out in the streets destroying public property, after scientists at The King’s College London declared it a myth.

The protestors are angry over the findings and have asked the scientists to expunge the findings from all scientific journals.

“This is outrageous. We have sincerely believed in the existence of G-spot for centuries, and millions of people around the world have personally experienced it, yet these guys had the audacity to declare it a myth. What crap!” said one of the protestors as she threw a bottle of beer at the British police, who struggled hard to keep the protestors away from entering the premises of King’s College.

A semi-nude female body
This picture has got nothing to do with G-spot

But the researchers at King’s College are standing by their findings and are accusing the protestors of being some sort of “sexual fundamentalists”. Researchers claim that all the scientists, who ever claimed to have found any proof of existence of G-spot at any time, were “pseudo-scientists”.

Such arguments have failed to impress the protestors, who claim that the research was funded by anti-G-spot lobby that was rich and powerful. They sense a conspiracy behind the research.

“There is a clear pattern. Whenever they fail to find or experience something, they declare it a myth. They did it with God, they did it with Greek history, they did it with the Gay disorder, and now they have done it with G-spot. There is definitely a clear pattern. They also seem to be G-phobic,” said Graham Gooch, one of the protestors.

Protestors warn that all the men, women and groups, which have some “G” element in them, would be systematically targeted by such scientists and their beliefs and value systems would be declared a myth. A unity call among all such entities has been issued.

“We are all sailing in the same boat. We are all under attack. Today we are being targeted tomorrow it could be the Green activists, or the Goat staring men, or even the Game theorists. We have to find the G element. A common string binds us,” said one the protestors, hastily adding, “No, it’s not the G-string.”