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Bengaluru boy, asked to come home for Diwali, sends pictures of traffic jams to demanding parents in Hosur

16, Oct 2017 By RT

Bengaluru. Kumar, a Bengaluru boy, aged 25 has been asked to come home for Diwali, by his parents. He immediately sent pictures of traffic jams to his demanding parents in Hosur, about 50 kilometers aware from the erstwhile Garden city. By the current situation, he will be able to reach by the next Diwali, Kumar wrote a footnote along with the pictures, it is learnt by Faking News.

“My parents are from Hosur. What do they know about traffic jam in Bengaluru? Come home for Diwali, it is so easy for them to demand. My friend who has left last year, is yet to reach his village, close to Mysuru. I will celebrate Diwali from here. The city traffic does not control the mobile networks. So, I can talk to them on the day of Diwali. Miraculously, the movie boxes reach the city despite the traffic. So, I will watch a Diwali movie too,” Kumar informed Faking News about his Diwali plans.

“We are a small family of 6. Kumar is the eldest child. Every Diwali, we get together at our home in Hosur. That is the biggest night of the year for us. We burst Sivakasi crackers and feast on Salem Biryani. When Kumar joined for a job in Bengaluru, the entire family was very happy. It is just a stone’s throw from Hosur. Now, we cannot find tiniest of a stone which can penetrate through the traffic. He should have signed up for a job at Chennai,” his father told Faking News.

“We are planning an organization level Diwali bash, here in the heart of the city. We know most of our employees will stay in the city, fearing the traffic. For Bengaluru boys and girls, the vacations are mostly staycations. Some of them even stay at the office, using the rest rooms and the shower facility here. For this Diwali, we will screen a blockbuster movie and distribute sweets. And as usual, pod decoration contest with lamps and lights will be the highlight,” HR manager of Kumar’s company told Faking News.

“I don’t want to get political here. But, tell you the truth, Cauvery water never reaches Tamilnadu due to the traffic jam even in the river when it tries to cross Bengaluru,” Kumar told an interesting traffic trivia to Faking News even as the HR was urging everyone in sight to start decorating the pods for Diwali celebrations.