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Bengaluru civic official blames gravity for people falling in potholes, wants Newton arrested

02, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

A senior official from Bengaluru Mahanagarpalike today blamed ‘gravity’ for people falling in potholes and refused to take any responsibility for the deteriorating condition of the roads in the city. The official also went ahead and asked for the arrest of Isaac Newton for discovering gravity.

While speaking at a function the aforementioned official Mr. Janardan Murthy said, “Everybody is blaming civic officials for the potholes and related accidents. But nobody cares to find out why people fall in the first place. It’s because of this damn thing called gravity. Why would people fall otherwise?”

The civic administration has been facing a lot of flak for poor maintenance of roads. Just recently the states CM said that he would constitute a high level committee too look into the matter. Mr. Murthy was part of the team and will now be submitting his comprehensive report to the CM.

Our reporter got a peek of the highly confidential report which among other things mentions potholes as an ‘inevitability’ and strict action against ‘Newton’ as a solution to tackle the issue.

Apparently Mr. Murthy spent a week in a local library reasearching on the subject of gravity for the report. “I went to this huge place which had a lot of books to do our research,” he said while referring to a library.

When questioned about the delay in sending the report to CM’s office, Mr. Murthy replied, “Earlier we had sent the report in Enlgish. But the CM now wants it in Kannada.”