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Bengaluru cops nab woman who lured shopkeepers with her pretty looks to get onions at lower prices

09, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

While people were shedding tears over onions prices, a woman in Bengaluru was busy making a killing by enticing shopkeepers with her charm.

The woman(name withheld to protect identity) had a simple modus operandi. She used to sweet talk shopkeepers and get onions at throwaway prices.

Cops say that almost 90% of the shopkeepers in the city have fallen victim to the woman’s charm.

The woman is believed to have got around 100kgs of onions by conning shopkeepers. A fraction of which she used for her cooking needs and the rest she sold in the market at a higher price.

“She made a windfall from all the onion sales. Could probably be one of the richest woman in the city right now,” remarked a cop. Posing as a shopkeeper, undercover cops laid a trap and nabbed the woman just as she was about to escape with her latest haul of onions.

Ranjith Gowda, a mechanical engineer turned shopkeeper and also one of her victims, spoke to our reporter. Devastated after the news of the arrest, wore a sullen look and shared his story.

“I thought there was something between us. The way she smiled at me and sent me messages on Whatsapp. I had almost made plans to get married,” he said while shuffling through a playlist of Arijit Singh’s songs.

The issue found itself to the Parliament where opposition parties cornered Nirmala Sitharaman.

Leading the charge was Rahul Gandhi who sought immediate attention of the Govt in to the onion crisis. He also pointed out a bigger crisis that men in the country were grappling with, that of finding a suitable partner.