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Bengaluru IT employee writes 'reached office on time in spite of traffic' as achievement for appraisal, gets promoted

30, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

Making a list of your achievements for appraisal is a daunting task for many and 30 year old IT employee Ashwin Nair realised just that after he found himself scratching his head to list down his own achievements. Having spent 5 years working as a Software developer for Sinfosys and being part of equal number of appraisal cycles, Ashwin’s task might seem like child’s play.


But the seemingly simple appraisal form turned out to be more painful than a Sajid Khan movie, leaving Ashwin with no option but to fall back on Bengaluru traffic to save his day. The best part is that he even got a promotion after senior management of the company acknowledged his ‘hard work’.

Speaking to Faking News Ashwin said, “I just went blank after I saw the appraisal form. I tried hard to recollect but nothing of what I did last year looked good enough. I mean sending ‘Good Morning’ messages on Whataspp everyday doesn’t really count as achievement. The only time I had to fight hard to achieve something was when I navigate the city to reach office on time. That’s when I thought there couldn’t be a bigger achievement than this.”

Senior Management too agreed with the senior developers views and with with a stellar performance rating, promoted him to the position of Team Lead.

Though most colleagues were happy for Ashwin, few were not pleased and said the system was unfair to them for choosing ‘time spent in traffic as a metric for appraisal’. Sales Manager Rajesh Nambiar was vocal in his disappointment. “I got business of around 30 Cr for the company in the last financial year. But apparently all that pales in comparison to what Ashwin has done. I think he deserves more than just a promotion. Maybe a Red and White bravery award,” he said sarcastically.

Sinfosys recently introduced ‘Work from Traffic’ for its employees based out of Bengaluru office. But with the news of the promotion, most employees now prefer to fight the traffic and reach work on time.